The best piece of fitness advise I’ve ever heard was “build consistency.” We all know working out makes us stronger. Healthier. As long as we don’t over do it, more is better…

Increases in physical activity don’t just make us stronger, they cause our bodies to adapt. We increase our ability to move, and sustain higher levels of activity. When physical activity becomes a consistent part our our lifestyle, our baseline fitness level is elevated. This makes us less prone to injury and primes our body to respond to higher levels of physical conditioning when desired.

May Fitness Challenge
For the entire month of May, I plan to run daily. I’ll set realistic expectations, and I’ll stick to the plan. Logging my progress here. I challenge each of you to do the same. 🙂 You don’t have run, but pick something that you value. Pick something you’d like to improve at.

Push-ups or planks? Yoga or meditation? This is an plan to normalize these activities, making them second nature. Not unlike eating and sleeping. We’re not going to ‘build habits’ or ‘create discipline.’ Instead, we’ll make our bodies expect and adapt to a higher levels of activity.

Recovery time
But we need time to recover after a workout, right? Not this time. For this challenge we are taking it easy. Whatever your activity, cut your usual workout in half. If you run 2 miles now, drop that to 1 mile daily. If you can do 20 push-ups at a time, just to 10 per day for this month. The same goes for time based activities like yoga or meditation. Cut your time in half and shoot for consistency instead.

The goal is to make active bodies, and establish a new normal. Will 30 days be enough to reset our internal body clock and make a difference? Let’s do it and find out:


  1. Reply here if you’re committed, and want a someone to help keep you accountable 🙂
  2. Pick an activity you want to work on (running, lifting, walking, meditating)
  3. Figure out what’s normal for you (2 miles, 10×3 reps, 5 blocks, 30 minutes)
  4. Cut this figure in half
  5. Do this every day for the month of may
  6. Post your daily status here

Ultimately, the results of this experiment will be subjective. The best outcome being that some of the consistency we are forcing here will ‘stick’ and we’ll all become active more often. But if you have the means to do so, please post any relevant workout stats here with your daily post. Who knows what kind of change we’ll see after a month…

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