Tabata Hill Sprints

Running is a great way to create cardiovascular endurance, but a poor way to build power. Most runners / trainers will tell you that if you want to build power, you’re eventually going to be running hills.

But I’m not a fan of working out, just for the sake of exercise. When you live and active lifestyle, there’s simply no need to burn the extra calories. If I’m going to engage in a repetitive exercise, it had better offer something you can’t get anywhere else. For this workout I’m aiming to increase Vo2 capacity & leg power.

Here’s the crazy running guy version of hill repeats:

3 Tabata sets
2 minutes rest between
550 vertical feel of climbing
Air flow restriction mask
(and the hottest weather possible)

Here’s a link to the Tabata app I use, which is only available on the phone unfortunately. If anyone knows of an watch app that works without the phone, please let me know. 🙂

Warning: if you try this at home make sure you have a good cell signal and someone to call 911 for you. Or if you pass out, just sleep it off but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

am I crazy?

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